Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Makes Gold Jewelry So Valuable And Desriable By So Many People - See For Yourself

"What Makes Gold Jewelry So Valuable And Desriable By So Many People - See For Yourself"," The value of gold as a

unit of exchange does not diminish.

The Gold Standard Magazine agrees:

"Indeed, during the monetary crisis of the last

several years, the price of gold soared in free world

markets as more and more individuals around the world

acquired gold as a hedge against actual and potential

currency devaluations"

Gold is one of the most used mined minerals.
  Some of the uses for gold include:

*As a conductor of heat and electricity

*Used in Dentistry for gold crowns and teeth restorations

*Used in computer manufacturing

*Used in the treatment of some arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Because "gold is malleable, a single ounce of gold can

be drawn into a wire 35 miles long or hammered into

sheets less than five millionth of an inch thick"

Gold can be made into thread and used to embroider

and sew clothing.

Over one third of the gold mined is used to produce

  These hip hop rappers

sport "teeth covers" made of gold or platinum

that are encrusted with diamond to show off

their wealth.

Gold is money.
 The price of gold

is independent of the trends that determine

he prices of other financial asset.
 The prices in the bond market

may be tied to the safety, yield or comparisons

in the market.
  Gold maintains it value over time.
Gold is more

stable than any other merchandise so even in the

marketplace today gold can still out perform

most markets.

The special properties of gold make it unique

and highly sought after.
  Mining for gold is very expensive

so the price of gold is usually high.
0001% gold on earth.

To find a large enough quantity of gold so

that it would be worthwhile mining it, is a

rare occurrence indeed.


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