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What Makes Gold Jewelry So Valuable And Desriable By So Many People - See For Yourself

"What Makes Gold Jewelry So Valuable And Desriable By So Many People - See For Yourself"," The value of gold as a

unit of exchange does not diminish.

The Gold Standard Magazine agrees:

"Indeed, during the monetary crisis of the last

several years, the price of gold soared in free world

markets as more and more individuals around the world

acquired gold as a hedge against actual and potential

currency devaluations"

Gold is one of the most used mined minerals.
  Some of the uses for gold include:

*As a conductor of heat and electricity

*Used in Dentistry for gold crowns and teeth restorations

*Used in computer manufacturing

*Used in the treatment of some arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Because "gold is malleable, a single ounce of gold can

be drawn into a wire 35 miles long or hammered into

sheets less than five millionth of an inch thick"

Gold can be made into thread and used to embroider

and sew clothing.

Over one third of the gold mined is used to produce

  These hip hop rappers

sport "teeth covers" made of gold or platinum

that are encrusted with diamond to show off

their wealth.

Gold is money.
 The price of gold

is independent of the trends that determine

he prices of other financial asset.
 The prices in the bond market

may be tied to the safety, yield or comparisons

in the market.
  Gold maintains it value over time.
Gold is more

stable than any other merchandise so even in the

marketplace today gold can still out perform

most markets.

The special properties of gold make it unique

and highly sought after.
  Mining for gold is very expensive

so the price of gold is usually high.
0001% gold on earth.

To find a large enough quantity of gold so

that it would be worthwhile mining it, is a

rare occurrence indeed.


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Soaring Gold Price Makes It Uncommon for The Common Man

"Soaring Gold Price Makes It Uncommon for The Common Man", It is beautiful, useful, and never wears out.
 Every individual, although he may not need the gold, is a potential gold buyer.
 Moreover, gold jewellery is deeply connected with the culture, traditions and religions of India.
 To have this precious metal, is every woman's dream.
 But as the gold prices are soaring, the desire of the common man to possess it perhaps needs to be postponed for some time.
 The price of gold hit a 25-year high touching USD 637.
 The reason mostly is the huge amount of investment being made into precious metals.
5 purity) shot up by Rs 50 per 10 gram higher at Rs 9,345 from Rs 9295 of yesterday (27/04/2006) while pure gold (99. 9)
 At the same time, the price of gold in the international market rose by USD 3.
30 as investors took gold as the safe haven during the time of rampant inflation and global disturbances of many a kinds- political and apolitical.
 Gold is chosen as the best alternative option to invest into by the investors who are worried and quite apprehensive over current market situations.
 are some major factors that raise insecurity among the investors.
 It is well expected that the gold price will soar when the world economic state is going through such a hard situation.
 The economic rise of China and India is one of the major factors that drive the global inflation to rise incessantly.
 India is the largest gold jewellery consuming country in the world, followed by China and the Middle East.
 This will, in turn, cause the price of gold jewellery to rise.
” .
 The nuclear conflict with Iran is another biggest cause that drives the Inflation to be rampant.
 The prolonged violence in Nigeria and the recent Zimbabwean government's announcement that it might take control of foreign-owned mines etc are the other political reasons that creates uncertainty in the state of world economy.
 They believe that, there are vast walls of money going into all the commodities, and gold and silver are benefiting at present.

The World Gold Council, a trade group for mining companies, estimates that in 2005, the demand for gold as an investment has increased by only 26 per cent and exchange traded funds have increased the buying of metal ( in tonnage) 53 per cent more.
 And it is expected the gold price will touch $800 by the year-end.
 Of these 800 tonnes, two-thirds is imported.
 According to The Mumbai Mirror, the Demand for gold jewellery, mainly from retail investors, was up 47 per cent in the second quarter of 2005 against the corresponding period of the previous year.
 Daughters are gifted gold by their parents as a security for their financial future.
 With marriage season round the corner, the steep hike in gold price has come as big set back for all those gearing up for gold purchases.
 It is likely to keep casual buyers and middle class customers away from jewellery shops for some time.
 Rather than buying new gold jewellery, many people are now choosing to recycle their gold jewelry into new designs for the festival season.
 It is also expected that the high gold price will have an effect on the April 30th festival- Akshaya Tritiya in India.

To lure the customers, many banks in India have loans for purchasing gold jewelry.
 That banks are willing to loan on gold jewelry is a reflection of the importance of gold jewelry in an Indian woman's economy and traditions.

Thanks to some innovative trends in investment, gold-the eternal and largely immobile store of value is now soaring.
 At least for now, gold is the place for some of the fastest-moving cash in the world.
 And soaring price makes the yellow metal to shine more and more.
 Now, the precious metal has become uncommon thing for the common man.
Gold price reach 25-year highby Vikas Bajaj, http://www.
com, April,06

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The Glimmering World of Gold Jewelry - Great For Gifts

"The Glimmering World of Gold Jewelry - Great For Gifts"," For thousands of years, gold has

beguiled man with its beauty, its warm luster and glow

and its amazing attributes.
 Gold is one of the most precious

of earth's metals.

platinum is more expensive, gold remains unsurpassed as

the most popular jewelry metal.
 It is

also very malleable and pliable: a single ounce of gold

can be drawn into a thin wire stretching almost 5


Pure gold or 24-karat gold is soft and pliable.
 Karat quality determines the purity of

 The higher the

karat rating is, the higher the proportion of pure

 This helps you verify that the product

you are viewing are truly made of gold.
 Moreover, because of the many amazing

qualities of gold have many other uses.

value of gold forms the base of monetary standard by

many nations.

jewelry collection would not be complete without any

gold jewelry.

buying gold jewelry there are some important things to

 The different karat qualities include

10-karat gold, 14-karat gold and 18-karat gold.
 Jewelry can also be plated with gold.
 In time, the layer of gold will wear away

depending on how often the piece is worn.

When choosing gold jewelry, it is important to know its

qualities and characteristics.
 Another kind of finish is the high-polish

finish, where the jewelry is polished to an almost

mirror-like shine.
 Choose a piece of gold jewelry that matches

your personality.
 Moreover, wearing it also

enhances the way you look, giving you class and style.

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"Pan Gold Nuggets - Dig Your Own Gold For Fun And Recreation",

"Pan Gold Nuggets - Dig Your Own Gold For Fun And Recreation"," Interested in making their own strike of gold, they are also enjoying the recreation of being outdoors and good exercise.
 Every year there are still great finds being made, mostly in the western states (at least as far as locations within the USA).
 Flakes and small chunks of gold are far more common finds.
 Patience is required and some days just have to be chalked up to the quest to gain knowledge and experience.
 This includes things such as gold flakes and nuggets.
 Placer gold has been mined from gravel deposits throughout the western US in many different types of environments, both forest and desert.
 For the small operator, the choice is usually determined based on the environment he desires to prospect in, as well as his spending budget.
  Other water conserving devices may also be a possibility.
  The versatile gold pan gets used in almost all environments, although in dry environments one has to bring water and the tub to hold it in order to use the pan effectively.
  Small plastic gold pan can be purchased for less than $10.
  A large suction dredge may cost up to $10,000.
 It is not necessary for the new prospector to start with the most expensive items.
 So my suggestion is to give it a try, start out small and see how you like it.
 This is a great recreational pastime, and with some sincere effort, you will learn what you need to know and soon be out there digging some nice gold of your own.
 Being part of a club that owns their own claims will give you access to places to prospect and a chance to talk about local places to look, regulations and what really works to get gold in your neck of the woods.
 It will also give you a chance to meet some folks with more experience in prospecting for gold.
 Most will willingly share information about how to find gold, and how they have found gold in the past.
 Even many experienced prospectors are members of more than one club, because of the friendships and prospecting opportunities they present.

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learn something new

"Gold Panning And The Great Outdoors",

"Gold Panning And The Great Outdoors"," Our new hobby.
 You can find oodles of websites about gold prospecting.

Back at the beginning of summer, my wife and I were spending our weekend at home as usual.
 While watching TV, flipping through the stations, trying to find something to watch, (you all know what I'm talking about), we came across the 'cash and treasures' show.
 I looked at my wife and said, 'hey, we should do that'! So we did something we never do, something spontaneous; that night after my husband got off work, we headed down to Daylong, Georgia.
 You can choose different amounts of sand to pan.
 There's something that happens when you look down in the pan, and you see the little flakes and tiny nuggets.
 Well, I can't explain it! I can only say, we both got 'the fever'!

There are also, as we found in our short lived travels, (due to the drought), that there are places where you can not only pan for gold, but also look for gemstones.

 Your given a wooden box with a screen in the bottom, you dump your rocks in, and just wash off the dirt.
 There are people standing right there that tell you what gemstones you have found.

However, not all the gemstones will be of good quality.

My wife and I are chomping at the bit to get back out there.
 And the fresh air, and beautiful scenery just makes it even more enjoyable.
 But most of all: "We want to find the gold!" We got the fever!


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