Sunday, September 27, 2015

Life Changing Situation That Needs Help For A Good Remedy

       Since I'm a marketer and I do write a lot and getting there a little at a time. Hi my name is Ronald Davis, I want to tell you a little about myself and advertize me, I live in Burlington, NC and widowed for 6 years. Retired with social security and two pensions. Im 70 years young and now starting to look for a female companion too settle down with. She needs to be of good health, slim and between 40 and ?? years old. I'm  having to move next month  because the ceiling in my room in the boarding house i live in is leaking bad.
planning on moving into a rental house. Guess i will stay in Burlington a while longer but really would like to
move to the beach in Florida. Would like to combine my income with someone preferable a woman slim and attractive,for i am still very much alive and like i said young in physical appearance and at heart. I will make a  list of where you can check me out and learn all about me. I am fairly intelligent and still work part time painting. Am a picky eater, and spend a lot of time making money online. I have 9 Blogs with over a total of 2500 post also a website at  there you will see me my partner and my deceased wife of 44 years I am a very loving and generous person will help anyone , love animals although i dont have any at this time I love tropical fish which has been my hobby most of my adult life. Looking for a special woman that can love me as much as i can love her. I do clean up after myself and have been told that i am not bad in bed.
       So if you are fairly good looking and slim to medium between 30 and 65 ready to settle down with a man and travel and enjoy life together. look no further i dont do drugs and I dont drink alcohol I love kareoke and dancing and movies, beach, mountains and love swimming, walks and cookouts, favorite resturaant is golden corral. Have to have my coffee in the mornings. If you are single and think you fit what i would like to have in my life forever get in touch with me its easy to find me on the internet in fact if you are reading this you already have found me this is one of the many post to my blogs.

this is a list of places you can find me:

!      ( juat copy and paste as is in your browser)

2.                (look for RONJOHNSITE)

3. Facebook                      Ronald Davis   Burlington, NC

4.          here you can go to rest of my blogs

5.  my email :               Ph# 336-639-8132

6.  address:  available upon request

call me what you got to lose or drop me a email with your number and i will call you i can relocate anywhere have no ties here.
thanks ron ps

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