Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Gold With a Sluice

"Finding Gold With a Sluice"," If you have access to water, one of the most effective ways of finding gold is to use a Sluice.
 Mostly made from Aluminum, Wood or Plastic sluicing is a vital part of your prospecting.

I personally started Sluicing a while back, trying to find the correct water flow and angle to achieve optimal conditions for gold recovery can be a very daunting task.
 Though as you will find out using a Sluice is very simple.
 Most come with a handle or a backpack for easy transport while on foot and are also light weight since they are built from aluminum.

When running your sluice you want to make sure there is ripple effect on the surface of the water when traveling over each riffle.
 This swirl of water will deposit heavier material and wash away lighter material if all is set correctly.

The larger the material the more drastic of an angle you will need.
 If you will be running these larger pieces of rocks through your sluice you will have to pick out the rocks that get stuck in your box by hand.
 The successful gold miner must factor in things like how fast water is flowing, how dense is the material you are running through (has it been classified first?) and finally the angle or slope that you set the box at.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gold Detector Fun and Treasures

"Gold Detector Fun and Treasures", Using a gold detector can be very relaxing and sometimes mesmerizing, finding gold nuggets might be the ultimate goal but the fun of prospecting for gold provides so much pleasure as an outdoor activity.
 For the person looking to buy their first metal detector a popular solution is to buy a basic gold metal detector and then learn by using it as you practice gold prospecting, it is also great practice to just go out to the park, beach or wood and look for anything that gives you a signal, even that is a great thrill.
 With a specialized prospecting detector you get the high efficiency of locating even small nuggets at a shallow depth.
 With all gold detectors patience is the key for finding gold.
 Despite your hard work, you might not find anything, start all over again on a new location applying the same degree of concentration.

A metal detector is really not a complicated device but the specifications look quite technical.
 Most of the job involves the control box because it is that one part that is triggered when there is metal around and this signal is what causes the gold detector to do its job.
 It is pretty obvious that gold is an element that is worth a lot in many ways and this makes gold metal detectors a prized possession as well.
 A target signal is eliminated for unwanted ferrous metals like leftover iron, steel, pull tabs and bottle tops while increasing target signals to high conductive metals as gold along with brass and silver.

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