Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Civil Society Bill of Rights

"A Civil Society Bill of Rights","

I reserve the right to make truth claims, to hold positions even if others may take offense.

I reserve the right to be idealistic, optimistic, not cynical or jaded, nor comfortably relativistic or postmodern.

I reserve the right to believe in things for which there is more hope than evidence.

I reserve the right to experiment with ideas that I am not sure about.

I reserve the right to change my mind as the world changes.
  I have not figured everything out; I never will.

I reserve the right to compromise to achieve good, but not perfect, solutions to bad problems.
  I refuse to be defined by others' categories or philosophies or terms.

I reserve the right to disagree with you, to disagree with my friends, to disagree with anyone (maybe even myself in part).

I reserve the right to sometimes be silent - to not have an opinion or an answer, to not advocate a position, to not define myself, to not assert expertise.

And I freely extend the same right to you.
  Well the world is not simple, and my views on it are not simple either.
  It is a shame that more of our public figures do not freely assert the right to change their minds, to disagree respectfully, to sometimes be wrong, or to sometimes be silent.
  You would probably write a slightly different set of rights for yourself in order to frame, develop and express your ideas.
  We may all speak.
  If the world's problems were simple, then smart people would have solved them a long time ago.

The power of civil society is the democratic power of multitudes speaking, discussing, testing and trying ideas.
  Some of the proposed ideas, policies or solutions are bound to be wrong-headed, or foolish, or just not work.
  If they were my ideas, my speech, or my advocacy, then I take responsibility for them.
  In many cases, we will simply have to disagree.

And I freely extend the same right to you.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Events in Virginia Beach: The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Cente

"Fun Events in Virginia Beach: The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center"," A trip to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is the kind of family day that you don't want to miss. After all, where else can one count more than 50 species of fish as they swirl in a pool of colors within a 70,000-gallon Chesapeake Bay Aquarium. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center has two very colorful Pavilions, the Bay and Ocean Pavilion as well as the Marsh Pavilion. The natural beauty only adds to the anticipation of what you will encounter in the next building that you are about to enter. The center affords the opportunity to explore another world and experience that world through touch, sight and sound. The sea turtles in particular, come in a wide range of sizes and one of the larger sea turtles weighs over 250 pounds. The sights and sounds can be found right in front of you in their own IMAX Theatre where they present the wonderful beauty of the sea with all its colorful creatures on a screen so large that you'll believe that you are actually swimming in the ocean right along side those creatures. You can learn about the wonderful creatures that live in the ocean and gain a new respect for the beauty of their environment. Come experience it for yourself! . LEARN SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING  
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dive Bahamas - The Top Spots

"Dive Bahamas - The Top Spots"," There are myriad world class diving sites to be explored all across The Bahamas and they cater to all levels of diving experience. One of the greatest things about a trip to this gorgeous part of the world is the range of wonderful places for you to dive. Read on for some of the best dive sites that are on offer in the beautiful Bahamas. For hundreds of years the waters surrounding these islands served as shipping routes between Europe and the New World and lured their fair share of pirates ready to seize a treasure or two. The combination of reefs and ship wrecks however, makes for some of the world's most exciting diving experiences. The ominously named Devil's Backbone is an eight mile reef that is a true diver's delight, offering wreck diving for all experience levels. This fun little diving site also has a train! That's right; the steamship's cargo included a locomotive, which was on route to Cuba when it sank. This is a great dive for beginner divers as it lies in only 10 feet of water. There are more than 80 different sites for diving around San Salvador, with huge stag and elk horn coral in abundance. There are many wrecks around this reef that parrotfish, barracuda and other exotic marine animals call home. These were formed in the last ice age and are an exciting adventure for more experienced divers. The Bahamas boasts some of the world's most spectacular diving experiences offering plentiful exotic marine life, fascinating coral reefs and submerged caves, as well as the intriguing chance to find some treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon. . LEARN SOMETHING NEW TODAY CLICK HERE PLEASE  

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Florida - Biscayne National Park

"Florida - Biscayne National Park"," The stunning National Park protects one of the most gorgeous scuba diving and snorkeling areas in the United States. Eliiott Key is the park's largest Island and is formed with fossilized coral reef. The fact that the park also offers wall dives from one of the Florida Keys makes scuba diving here even more fun! While on the topic of water sports, makes sure you try canoeing or kayaking or both. The Shallow Jones Lagoon is not just a great place to go canoeing or kayaking in, it's actually an excellent snorkeling spot as well. Camp grounds in the park are available at the Bosca Chitta Key and the Eliott Key. Visitors can choose between a water-side and forested camping site. Bosca Chitta on the other hand only offers basic facilities like toilets, picnic tables and grills. The park also has quite a few waterside picnic areas that are available on a first come first serve basis. All in all the park offers fun, yet pocket friendly, coastal vacation opportunities to visitors. Make my day click here and learn something new  

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Northern Oregon Coast Camping - Campgrounds Near Scenic Beaches

"Northern Oregon Coast Camping - Campgrounds Near Scenic Beaches"," The state government of Oregon has set aside vast stretches of beach for public use and for that reason there are many awesome campgrounds just waiting to be discovered. Northern Oregon's coastal campgrounds include an amazing variety of photogenic sites. From the hundred-year-old wreck of the Peter Irdale sea schooner at Ft. Whether you're a luxury RV camper, a tenter, or somewhere in-between, there are many campgrounds to choose from. The northernmost state park on the Oregon coast and not to be missed is Fort Stevens State Park. If your number one campground criteria is full hookups for your RV, Kampers West RV Park is surrounded by natural wooded habitat and has full RV services. A large clubroom accommodating up to 100 people and a smaller clubroom with capacity of 35 people are also available for your family reunions. It is a membership facility that may offer a free night for visiting. Surrounded by scenic and historic sites in Seaside, you can go whale watching, hiking, biking, salt-water fishing, and swimming in the summer. A highlight of this campground is an indoor pool and spa. Escape to the coast and stay in your home at the beach! Although state parks don't usually have full RV hookups, they offer the advantage of lots of open space and beaches. A few miles south of Rockaway Beach on the north shore of Tillamook Bay is Barview Jetty County Park. From this campground you'll have easy access to the beach. Located on a sand spit on the Oregon coast between Netarts Bay and the ocean, Cape Lookout State Park has a popular campground and day-use area with a terrific view of the Pacific Ocean and easy access to the beach. These are some of the best Oregon coast campgrounds but there are many others. . Make my day click something clickable  
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