Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making adjustment

Well we tried the shared living and it would have worked out if the person who we shared a house with didn't drink so much, we lived there 90 days and he drank vodka every single day and after about the 5th drink he becomes obnoxious and we don't want to be around that type of attitude.

We applied for Hud housing and plan on moving back to North Carolina if we get it, If we dont  we will look for another house share person or maybe rent a small mobile home. The Hud housing would cost 30% of our income after deductions so I'm thinking around $400 for everything included lights, water, cable. Hope it works out we would be able to save a little money and maybe have a Christmas next year.

Also trying to get disability for my Heart disease and diabeties through the VA. Don't know if that will go through or not but I will try for it. With all that's going on right now its almost overwhelming but a little persistance and we will get through these rough times. Don't forget to vote the irresponsible people out of office its the only way the poor will get ahead.


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