Friday, March 16, 2012

Alternatives of relinquishing smoking habits

Electronic cigarettes have got several features which include lack of smelly breath, lack of yellow tints after smoking, lack carbon monoxide, lack of smoke production which can be harmful to the public. These features enable it to be the best alternative of quitting the smoking habits. Many people may wonder how the electronic cigarettes assist in quitting smoking. The answer to this is very simple. The electronic cigarettes cartridges have different nicotine strength and flavor. There are regular, apple, strawberry, menthol flavored electronic cigarette cartridges. The nicotine strengths include; the medium, full and light. Due to these different nicotine strengths, the cigarette consumer can easily quit smoking by shifting from the full strength which has high nicotine content to the light strength which contains less nicotine content.

However, research has proven that there is no proof that the electronic cigarettes can actually enable people to give up their smoking habits. They are likely to enable them or not depending on the customers. Renowned organizations such as the FDA and the WHO have already warned the cigarette smokers of some potential risks associated with electronic cigarette smoking. This is because the electronic cigarette still consists of the nicotine substance that is found in the regular traditional cigarettes.

These organizations choose the consumers by supplying some key points about nicotine poisoning. Due to this contradiction of the e-cigarette not being proven the best method of quitting smoking, various companies have artificial other alternative products. These products that have proven efficient and secure to use are the Nicotine Replacement Therapy's (NRT). They supply nicotine chewing gum, patches, inhalers, lozenges and nicotine nasal sprays.

These products just like the electronic cigarette can minimize the nicotine craving habit as well as withdrawing the initial period of abstinence's symptoms. They have been clinically tested and can therefore safely assist those who wish to quit smoking. The difference between these products and the electronic cigarettes is that the user does not enjoy the resemblance of a traditional cigarette when smoking as with the e-cigarettes. Therefore the e-cigarette still remains the best way of quitting smoking. It can effectively eliminate more than 3000 toxin substances that are present in the normal cigarette. The other importance of the electronic cigarette is that you don't have to quit completely; it comes with different nicotine strengths which can be regulated from the high (contains high nicotine content) to the light strength which has less nicotine content.

These cartridge nicotine strengths permit the consumers to limit their daily nicotine intake which leads to total self-discipline. Since this type of withdrawal is steady, the consumers do not have to deal with the adverse withdrawal symptoms. All consumers are thus confident to adapt to the current electronic cigarettes which are considered eco friendly even to their living environments. This is due to the reduced pollution in terms of the smoke formed and also the ejected habit of throwing the traditional cigarette remains all over as the consumers' feel like, to the ground without thought.

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