Monday, July 2, 2012

Artistic Communion Trays Fighting Non-Tradition

Many of today's churches have embraced more modern expressions of church, but one thing that has resisted evolution is the use of Artistic Communion Trays. I have attended non-denominational services, alternative services, and services not even held in buildings, but with little variance they choose the same communion trays as the ones used in even the most conventional settings. The use of these trays seems to resistant both the new way of doing church, but also the old ways of doing church, making them a reassuring constant in the midst of change.

Time Has No Effect on The Constants of Quality

Churches have split, branched, and been planted, and each has re-determined what church will look like when they're done. Many have discarded elements that in the past would have been taken for granted as immoveable standards. The elements and manner in which communion is now served varies; I have personally partaken in grape juice, red wine, white wine (perhaps to spare the carpet), wafers, pita bread, and saltines. I have gone to the front with everyone else to retrieve my own bread and juice, and passed them down the row like offering plates. I've been led by the pastor and spoken the traditional words with the whole congregation; and I've prayed quietly and held small intimate family communion. Regardless of the manner in which it was served or how, somehow everything is still sitting there in, guess what, an Artistic Communion Tray. Somehow they always slip in there.

How Did This One Product Survive? 

One thing that surely draws people's attention to the Artistic Communion Tray as well as their entire line is that they all proudly display they are Made In The USA. To be able to have a quality product at a competitive price and still say Made in The USA is an example that it can be done. Products can be built to compete in the global market with a universally accepted and needed product line; proving there's no need to evolve a good idea.

There is a unique sense of satisfaction about being able to see the same trays as when you were young and first understanding what my first communion. It's nice to be able to go to any type of church and see a decision that they all seem to make despite any other differences. While both of these things are true, I can't help but think that the survival of the artist communion tray is based on practical considerations. The have a lovely appearance, don't tarnish, are easy to pass, and hold the tiny cups and wafers with no fuss and little mess. They are economical and easily purchased from many locations for any sized congregation.

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