Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How The Girl Up Conference Inspires Young Ladies

A young growing woman requires positive influence at all times in order to grow into a formidable force in the future. It is for this reason that the girl up conference was created. Based on the pillars of motivation and positive impact, this conference has everything a young woman needs to grow into a strong woman in future.

The symposium was created and designed to cater to young ladies of all age groups, ladies and teenagers alike. Here, the team leaders are able to mould them by impacting important life skills. It is important to note that these leaders are specially trained in leadership as well as in ministry of the gospel.

The participants are taught about the value of education. Here recognition is made that knowledge and education is an important pillar of society and that if one is to succeed they need education. As such participants of the convention are able to make contributions to assist other deserving ladies in other countries.

The symposium plays a major role in encouraging ladies to always be strong in order to overcome tough period in their lives. The leaders assist the girls to know that challenges exist in life to test them and they must maintain calm in order to fight through them.

Other activities such as sports take place as well as teaching of culinary skills. The ladies are taught how to cook different types of foods from different nationalities. Sports activities are also in the agenda. The girls also showcase their gifts in the talent show.

The proceeds that come from the ticket sales of the conference go a long way in bettering the lives of other girls. This money is used to settle medical bills as well as school fees of those less fortunate. Part of the money is also used to aide volunteers that travel on missions to other countries with the aim of continuing the work of the girl up conference.

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