Thursday, March 15, 2012

Increase Your Mind Power

As ones starts to age the mind sometimes seems to work slower and not be as creative. This doesn't need to take place. Your mind can be just as alert when you're sixty as it was when you were 30, if you are willing to do what it takes to make it so. You just have to put out a little extra effort to achieve this goal. The sooner you start the faster you begin to increase your mind power and get the desired results. Here are some great ideas & strategies to get started.

Power Your Mind

Help your mind by changing its automatic response to things that happen unexpected. If there is a problem, they turn to common solutions, & then move on. People live their lives without the use of their essential faculties. The result, their creativity & logical thinking tend to suffer in the long run because they were never fully utilized. You can prevent this with the strategies you're learning right now about how to adopt a critical mindset. Here are the steps:

Always ask questions - When you ask questions you re-frame reality as well as the options in a given situation. If questions aren't asked, then we often rely on others ability for solutions to a given situation. This can be useful at times, but it doesn't help to increase your mind power at all when you return to the passive acceptance of information.

Resolve your challenges methodically -. If you have a challenge, one way to approach it is make a list of anything you know about the quandary first & then make a list of all possible solutions to it. If you're a current solution doesn't work, just go ahead & try other solutions on your list.

When you experience something, you often believe because it was seen and heard by your own eyes and ears, it was right, but but sometimes things are not as they appear to be.This is actually bad to just rely on what you see, because people often can manipulate what's in front of you just to get agreement. So before you accept something as truth, be curious & seek the truth behind what's in front of you.

Frequently Draw - Drawing is only one of the best ways to express ones self. Even if you are not that great at it just remember that is an exercise in improving your brain power. It'd be great if you can invest in a large sketch pad, so you can get more on 1 side. Draw when you feel happy, sad or angry or when you just feel like drawing. Using the drawing as a means to express your thoughts & feelings.

Positive thinking - if you think negative most of the time, you will likely attract negative things into your life. This is the essence of the law of attraction. You've to think positive if you want to attract positive things in your life. You must think positively, if you want your mind to come up with effective solutions to your problems, because if you continue to believe that you can not fix something, your brain would agree with you eventually.



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