Monday, March 12, 2012

Learning Spanish With a Language Learning Software

Mastering Spanish as a second language has many challenges. A very difficult part of learning Spanish is understanding how to conjugate any one of the hundreds of regular and irregular verbs in the correct tense. For instance, the regular verbs can be conjugated into any one of ten different tenses depending on which subject or reflexive pronouns are used in the sentence. The good news is that there is a set of rules for the subject and reflexive pronouns that allows you to conjugate each verb easily and correctly.

There are two different tenses of subject pronouns, these are singular and plural tenses. The singular tense has three different forms that you will use to conjugate each verb specifically. These forms are yo, tu, and el or ella. The (yo) form refers to (I), the (tu) form refers to (you), the (el or ella) forms refer to (he and she). The plural tense also has three forms and only two of those forms are used on a regular basis. These forms are nosotros and ellos or ellas or Uds. The "nosotros" refers to "we" and the second three variations refer to "they". This may seem complicated to begin with but in time it will all become straight forward and very easy to understand and implement.

These rules are the foundation to learning Spanish! Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to learn Spanish with these rules alone. You are going to need addition learning help! With that said, one of the best ways to learn Spanish is with a language learning software program. There are many reasons to why these programs are great learning aids and one of these is because these programs are constantly being updated and modified in order to provide you with the best learning experience possible. There are lots of these programs that you can choose from and you need to identify how you learn best in order to choose a program that focuses on teaching in a way that accentuates your learning strengths.

If you are a person who learns best by using audio lessons then you will want to search out a software program that focuses on teaching its students by using audio lessons. In case you do learn best by using audio lessons then a software program that you may be interested in is. Rocket Spanish also incorporates cultural lessons and games into their program. The games are a unique feature to the software program because you can learn while having a little bit of fun at the same time. Rocket Spanish is just one of the many language learning software programs available to you and another one that you may recognize is Rosetta Stone.

When it comes to language learning software programs, most people conjure up an image of the well known Rosetta Stone company. Rosetta Stone focuses on teaching their students a language in the same method that you learned your native language. Basically, how a baby learns to talk. This means that you will have very few if any English comparisons to relate too. For the most part, Rosetta Stone uses pictures to teach its students. You are shown a picture and given the meaning or explanation of that picture in the language you are trying to learn. By using this methodology, you will be able to associate words with objects and over time you will be able to develop those words into sentences and conversations. A lot of people really enjoy this teaching method but it lacks a lot of language depth.

Another really good Spanish teaching software is Tell Me More Spanish. The designers of Tell Me More Spanish have really put a lot of work into developing this program for the user. It has several really nice features including speech recognition, personalized learning paths, games, lots of quizzes and test, and it allows you to manage your study time effectively. In addition, it is shipped with the Castillian version and the Latin American version of Spanish. The castilian version of Spanish is the version that is spoken in Spain. The Latin American version is what we would hear spoken in North and South America. The physical design of the software program lacks all the clutter that most other software programs have. In addition, it's designed to teach students at different skill levels. If you're an intermediate or advanced Spanish student, you wont have to grind through the beginner lessons. You can jump straight a head to the more advanced material and begin learning. The main benefit to this software is that it's very user friendly and has the ability to adapt to your learning needs.

These are just a few of the language learning software programs that are available to you too help you learn a new language. The key things that you should remember from this article are in reference to knowing how you learn and in choosing a software program based on those learning strengths. Don't assume that any software program will help you learn a new language because they wont! You need to be picky and only pick what's best for you!

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