Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Certified nursing assistant are aide to the registered nurses and works under their supervision. Certified nursing assistant takes care of individuals who require assist to do their every day activities like ill, needy and old individuals. Certified nursing assistant is a respectable and social task and people who're caring and patient can become one to assist those in need. A certified nursing assistant task is a booming occupation as the population of the old age individuals is growing. Take a look at cna certification test in Florida for more information.

Falling under the category of nursing aides, CNAs handle many aspects of patient care in hospital and different setting while working under the supervision of registered nurse, taking a hands on role with patients. Although the task of the CNAs may vary feeding, bathing, dressing and answering calls for help are some of the common tasks that a CNA performs every day. Taking patient's vital signs and assist medical staff with setting up equipment are some other tasks CNA performs. CNAs work in nursing care facilities often serve as the principal caregiver, having the most contact with residents.

CNA isn't a high paying job nevertheless it offers a respectable reasonable wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of America, reports that as of May 2010, a median wage of $25,140 was paid to the CNAs. Inside this figure, the lowest 10% made $17,790 yearly, the middle 50% earned $24,010 and top 10% had an yearly wage of $34,580. It showed nursing care facilities had the highest degree of employment with 37.22% share.

If you work as a traveling cna, you can generate more wage. Because you have to travel around every day to supply care for your client, you'll be compensated. In a few case, traveling nurses don't receive advantage packages; in such case they're entitled to a higher hourly wage.

Apart from these facts, Alaska, Nevada, New York, Hawaii, and Connecticut were top 5 paying states, whilst Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia and South Carolina were amongst the lowest paying states.

CNA is a booming profession and best alternative for head begin in to the healthcare and medical industry. Nursing aides also sometimes known as healthcare aides and work with registered nurses to care, treat and monitor patients. They are the most closer to patients than any other nursing employees.