Friday, June 8, 2012

"Top 10 Tom Hanks Movies"

"Top 10 Tom Hanks Movies"," It wasn't until in 1980 that Tom Hanks made his movie debut in the slasher flick ""He Knows You're Alone"" and although he appeared in various TV shows, including one episode of ""Happy Days"", it would be four years before his next movie. In the same year Hanks also starred in ""Bachelor Party"" one of many less than memorable movies which he made during the 80s. Although whilst such movies as ""The 'Burbs"" (1989) and ""Joe Versus the Volcano"" (1990) were box-office flops they have got a little better with age. But it was his portrayal of Andrew Beckett in ""Philadelphia"" (1993) which would show everyone what a great actor Tom Hanks was and he won his first of two Oscars for the breath taking performance. It was this speech which was the inspiration for the 1997 movie ""In & Out"" featuring Kevin Kline. Hanks was now on a roll and in 1995 he appeared in two hugely successful movies, firstly reuniting with Ron Howard for ""Apollo 13"" and then voicing Woody in the first of 3 ""Toy Story"" movies With his next movie ""That Thing You Do!"" (1996) Hanks would not only act but he also directed and his behind the camera work continued as he produced, co-wrote, and co-directed the HBO drama ""From the Earth to the Moon"". And so it continues with Tom Hanks having starred in some of the biggest and best movies over the last decade with the likes of Stephen King's ""The Green Mile"" (1999), his outstanding solo performance in ""Cast Away"" (2000), gritty anti hero in ""Road to Perdition"" (2002), stranded foreigner Viktor Navorski in ""The Terminal"" (2004), Robert Langdon in ""The Da Vinci Code"" (2006) and more recently reprising his role as Woody in ""Toy Story 3"" (2010). And I wouldn't be surprised if he got a third Oscar before long. Well the next morning when Josh wakes his dream has come true, except instead of being a little bit bigger he now looks thirty something. Forced to act as an adult yet with a childs mind, life is fun for Josh as he experiences freedom, except he still longs to be a child again. That means Viktor is in a state of limbo as he can't enter America and he can't be exported back so is forced to remain in the airport till things are sorted out. #8 Apollo 13 (1995) Based on the true story of the 13th Apollo mission which on its way to the moon ran in to some serious trouble. #7 Toy Story (1995) For years Woody (Tom Hanks), the toy cowboy, has been young Andy's favourite, and being the favourite means that all the other toys, which come to life when no one is about, treat him as their leader. Discarded in favour of Buzz, Woody becomes jealous and having let his jealousy get the better of him finds himself along with Buzz in the hands of Sid, Andy's neighbour with a thing for mutilating toys. #6 Cast Away (2000) Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) is not only a top manager for FedEx but also a workaholic whose life is ruled by the clock. Forced to learn how to survive, Chuck discovers how to make fire, catch fish and make a raft in the hope that one day he will get off the island. #5 Road to Perdition (2002) Having kept secret his work as a hitman for suburban crime boss John Rooney from his children, Mike Sullivan (Tom Hanks) is forced to explain to his oldest son Michael Jr. If that wasn't bad enough Rooney's own son Connor becomes jealous of how his father treats Michael like a son and in a pique of rage kills Michael's wife and other son. , Michael seeks to avenge the death of his loved ones, which forces John Rooney to hire a new hitman to go after him before Michael gets his hands on Connor. Knowing that his father is so unhappy Jonah secretly phones up a radio talk show and pours out his heart about how his father is lonely. When Jonah reads Annie's later he sets about trying to make it happen. He taught Elvis Presley the hip shake, served in Vietnam where he became a hero, played ping pong for his country, met some Presidents, ran back and forth across America as well as running his own shrimping business. #2 Saving Private Ryan (1998) Having battled ashore to secure a beachhead during the Normandy landings, Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks) is ordered to put a select group together from the 2nd Ranger Battalion to go on a rescue mission. #1 Philadelphia (1993) Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) is a successful associate for a prominent Seattle law firm, so successful that he is given the firms most important case to handle. But when one of them notices a lesion on Andrew's face they put two and two together and fire him. . THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND