Friday, May 25, 2012

A Man's Watch Is His Most Important Fashion Accessory

I've said it before, watches online and many famous brand watch is the single most important accessory a man can own--it is an essential style element. As you might imagine, I am acutely aware of these kinds of details. I've simply noticed too many casual watches making their way into office, work and formal settings. It screams sloppy. I urge all of you who wear your multi-function sport watches with your suits and other dressier attire to pick up something a little more sophisticated.

First Consider Your Lifestyle. I do suggest having a couple of different watches for both work and play if your lifestyle merits it or you simply like having variety. When buying a dressier watch however, you should choose something that is classic; really lasting. I'm not as concerned about sporty/technical watches since they have a tendency to be less expensive--such as those made by Nike, Casio and the like. And let me be honest, there's nothing stylish about them anyway - they are just about function. Now if you have a sporty watch like the Omega Seamaster, that's a different story. Can we say James Bond 007?

And just to clarify, if your watch has a night-vision feature, measures distances, calculates altitude, has a compass, has a rubber strap, and/or has a digital display, it is the absolute wrong wristwatch to wear to a more formal occasion be it the office, a more formal gathering, etc.

Here is a list of things to consider when looking for your watch. A Stainless-Steel Bracelet: Stainless steel is more practical than leather and is certainly more durable. It's dressy enough to be worn with a business suit yet casual enough for other events and occasions. Not only is it versatile, but it's waterproof to boot. You could always go for gold if you wanted to drop some serious cash, but be careful since it might give an unfavorable impression.

The Face: Another thing that gets me when it comes to watches is the size of the watch face relative to the wrist that's wearing it. On bigger men a standard watch face can end up looking like a ladies watch. Watch makers are continually coming out with watches that have larger than standard faces. In fact, it has really become a trend recently. I personally love bigger watch faces. Whether you're a big guy or not, it's really a great look. On another note, when it comes to ladies, Paris Hilton has been spotted wearing an oversize 47MM Jacob & Co. watch, so it's even a great look for women as long as the watch has some pink, yellow, white or diamonds on it.

Water Resistance: It's a great feature if you shower or swim with your watch on, but let's be honest, who really does that? I like Because if you get caught in the rain or get your watch accidentally wet, you don't have to worry. And by the way, water resistant can mean several things so be sure to ask to what degree the watch really is resistant. Some watches will resist moisture from accidental splashing, rain, sweat, etc. which everyone would agree at least that level of moisture resistance is most definitely needed. Others will resist moisture up to certain depths of water such as 50 or 100 meters which is great for divers. An example of this is the Graham Chronofighter Diver's watch.

The Color of the Face and Strap: There is a trend to have dials and straps in exciting colors as with the as with the Swiss Replicas . There is no end to the amount of chronos and functions on the face band and casing. When building a classic wardrobe stick to the tried and true colors that you know will blend and look appropriate in a business or formal setting. Save the trendy colors for a second or third watch if you must.

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