Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Points to Consider Before Living Together With Your Boyfriend

" Points to Consider Before Living Together With Your Boyfriend"," But not everyone can relate to this living arrangement, especially those with strict and conservative beliefs.

 Love is an all-important factor in a relationship; same goes for domestic responsibilities.
 The set-up is almost the same as a married couple's only that you're not yet bound by matrimony.

If you're planning for this set-up, talk to your partner about the place you'll live in- is it his or your's? Or is it better to live in a new place?

Consider the household chores and how they will be divided among the two of you.

Are you both financially ready?

It is important to consider the financial stability of your partnership as a couple.
 If the two of you are stable in your jobs and you think you can share the expenses equally, maybe this set-up will work out fine.
 When everything becomes too expensive for the other person to bear, conflicts can arise and the blame game starts.
 But if one of you grew up in a conservative family and they do not approve unless you get married, then that's another issue.
 And you wouldn't want your parents to feel regretful for allowing you, so you need to reassure them too.

 Do you feel it in your heart that you can't do without your partner? Do you trust him? Are you friends and are you on the same page in this relationship?

It is important that you trust each other primarily because you'll be sharing each other's lives 24/7.
 You'll see each other's good and bad sides, the flaws, the imperfections and the things you don't even expect.
 If you feel that your partner is not ready for this move, then don't push it.

 Is it more than just the sexual part of your relationship that made you decide to take it to this level?

If sex is not the main reason to move in with your loved one, you still need to plan it well in order for you to have a strong, harmonious relationship.
 You should be responsible enough, patient, trust-worthy and mature to be able to handle the challenges that go with moving and living together.
 You should be prepared for its ups and downs, and the two of you should always work to compromise on certain things to keep the relationship in a healthy state.

If you have been thinking about living together, it's better to talk about it now with your sweetie to know if he/she is thinking about it too.
 If there are too many possible complications, then maybe it's best to set this aside for the meantime.