Friday, May 18, 2012

Scuba Diving in Fiji - The Thrills, the Frills and the Gear

"Scuba Diving in Fiji - The Thrills, the Frills and the Gear"," This archipelago lying along the South Pacific Ocean never runs out of scuba diving resorts through its course of islands.

The Underwater Attractions

Amazing Coral Architecture.
 At the Northern Islands, the Rainbow Reef provides a fulfilling scuba diving experience with the encounter of its Great White Wall where soft, white corals abound.
 At the Mamanuca Islands, the Malolo Barrier Reef is host to over 400 species of coral and marine life including dolphins, turtles, sharks and reef fish.

Luxurious Island Resorts.
 Here you will not only encounter the exquisite beauty of its underwater attractions but also experience a dose of Fijian culture and culinary experience.
 Besides diving, there are also attractions such as mountain trekking and rain forest trails that promises an enriching experience on the protection of the environmental paradise that is Fiji.
  At a depth of 40 meters, visibility is deemed excellent even during the winter months while at a mere 10 meters depth, you will already be able to observe and marvel at the coral reefs, particularly the abundant display of marine life.
  As to scuba equipment [http://www.
com] expect yourself to do a lot of snorkeling so be sure to bring along a durable mask and snorkel combo.
  Of course, don't forget to bring a pony bottle as an alternate air source onboard and an octopus regulator when diving with companions.