Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Altering Your Bad Habits To Empower Yourself

In reality, there is no exact formula to change your life everyone is different from each other. You just have to find those ways which would best suit your situation. Changing my bad habits into good habits would be the best answer. Habit is defined as the behavior of doing the same thing and is done almost unconsciously in a frequent manner. While bad is defined as, you guessed it, not good. 

Everything that is not good would eventually bring harm to yourself or others. In this sense, bad habits pollute your personality with undesirable behaviors which for can eventually result in self- destructing behavior. In order to truly change your life you must change or eliminate your bad habits.

Although we're subjected to changes all through our life, controlling and selecting particular changes in your life is not as easy. To be able to successfully change your bad habits, you have to first create awareness, responsibility, resourcefulness and most of all discipline; and follow the steps below.

The very first step in changing your life is that you have to first determine those habits that might introduce harm not only to your self but also to other people and this really is exactly where awareness comes into play. Being aware of what you are doing to, and with your self; and becoming aware of the environment and the people around you can help you distinguish all your habits and isolating the bad from the good. Like for instance, I had a buddy who smokes cigarette anywhere he feels smoking. Not just that it worsens his health since he has diabetes, but he is also introducing second-hand smoke to the people around him. It also did not take long for him to have a heart attack. 

There are books that can really be beneficial for your successespecially if it gives you a good insight on your life as well as your futureA good book like The Charge Book Brendon Buchard who tackles the human drives that makes an individual feel more motivatedinspired,alive and energizedThis book can provide you the principles that you can follow and reach the pinnacle of your success. 

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