Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Ark Of Noah - Truly Unsinkable

There was absolutely no way that Noah's ark could ever sink for God had designed it and the eight people who were aboard, had placed their confidence in Him that He would preserve them during the Flood. God had invited them to come on board; He shut the door and thus became answerable for their safety. Inside they felt completely secure and though sailing amid one of the greatest calamities to befall our world, they finally arrived safely at their destination. God's guarantee hadn't failed and His protection had been invulnerable. 

It all started many years before when God warned Noah of an imminent flood. The world had become evil; men acted as though there was no God and they behaved in a sinister demeanour. They enjoyed their sin to the absolute max and dismissed the very idea of Our Lord God. How similar the conditions prevailing in the 21st. Century. Atheism, secularism and humanism are the requirement, with those who believe in God considered as in some shape being mentally unsound. Clever folks would not permit their fun to be ruined by the idea of being responsible to God. They scorn the idea of judgment and live as if there was no hereafter and no consequences for their sin. They cast off the restraints of responsibility to some distant, awful, disinterested Deity and live life to the max. 

In similar circumstances, amid the prevalent sin and immorality, there lived someone with a deep reverential fear of God. His righteous life did not remain unseen and to him God communicated the message of outstanding judgment and a method of escape. The design and dimensions of the ark were exposed to Noah and soon after he set about constructing the most dazzling vessel ever to be built. As he built, he warned the people of the coming Flood but they giggled him to scorn and his repeated warnings fell on deaf ears. 

After a number of years of patient labour, the ark was finished; still no sign of the Flood. Noah was not discouraged despite the people's disposition. Then something bizarre happened. Animals were seen approaching from every direction; making their way into the ark without having to be steered there. The people looked on in unbelief. Right after that, one day, Noah received the call from God to go into the ark and so he with his wife, their 3 boys and their wives, entered the ark and God shut them in. They couldn't have been safer. Nowhere on earth would have provided shelter as the entire earth was overflowed by the deluge. 

Shortly the rain started to fall, constantly and the fountains burst forth from underneath and in a disturbingly short time the entire world was engulfed with waters from above and below. Only eight folk were safe; the 8 folks who assumed God and availed of the only real way of escape which God Himself had provided. The story of Noah's ark still has salutary lessons for the slipshod world in which we presently live.

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