Saturday, June 23, 2012

Increase Your Employability

Increase Your Employability Today! 

Whilst the job market is slowly beginning to recover there are still lots of industries where jobs are scarce. If you are not looking for a new role then you may fear that redundancy might occur. Nobody wants to be unemployed so constantly improving your employment prospects makes good sense. 

One way to help your CV stand out is to take part in an event which involves public speaking. There are always conferences and industry events around that require public speakers. If you have a particular interest or knowledge base of a certain topic then speaking about it in public will look great on your CV. 

Getting as much work experience as possible is always good, work experience abroad is a great way to impress. Working overseas demonstrates your ability to adapt to new situations and hat you are willing to try new things. It can be hard to find well paid work overseas but if you can find a position it will be well worth it. If you work abroad you will also increase your professional profile and make lots of new connections

If you are an expert within your arena then you may want to consider writing a book on your topic. Although you may not become a millionaire overnight you will definitely increase your profile. Writing a book is a big task to take on so why not start smaller and begin by writing for a local newspaper. 

Often recruiters rely on looking online for candidates so a good CV posted on the internet is a good place to start. Making your online presence as good as possible makes sense so try to limit personal pictures and make sure your Facebook privacy settings are secure. 

If you try to follow the tips I this article then you will gain skills and knowledge which employers will look upon favourably.