Friday, November 9, 2012

Tips on How to Establish and Take Care of Tropical Flower Gardens

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"Tips on How to Establish and Take Care of Tropical Flower Gardens"," Establishing these garden therefore requires a modified growing environment if it is done in areas where seasons change like from summer to winter to autumns and spring.

Build a small green house that can house the number of plants you want for your flower garden.
 This will be necessary during winter as these plants can not withstand frost.
 Below this, the plants will start suffering and extreme cold temperatures below 10 degrees may stop growth and temperatures below 5 degrees may kill them.
 Check the requirements of the particular flower and if it requires regulated humidity, like to make the environment more humid, install some kind of a misting system.
 Consider erecting some king of shading for your gardens during high summer.
 Tropical plants grow best in media which simulates their place of origin.
 Some of these plants like orchids have specific media requirements.

It is customary for flower producers to store flowers in cold stores.
 Do not put the flower stems or seedlings in cold store or refrigerators with the aim of prolonging their vase life.
 If you have a tropical garden away from the tropics, you have earned the right to brag to your peers!



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