Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Fullness Of The Gentiles

The kingdom of Israel had been split into two. The ten tribes of the north were called the "House of Israel", the particular "House of Joseph or just plainly "Ephraim", because that's which got the good thing. Melo ha' goyim' the fullness of the gentiles, the fullness of nations...

Two tribes in the the southern area of kingdom were called the "house of judah" because Judah received the first born blessing. It turned out made up of mainly Judah along with Benjamin. Although there are usually tribes that lived on sides of the national boundaries, the majority of the tribes were Ben and Judah so it ended up being called the "house of judah" in the south and the "House of Israel" inside the north.

So because of the northern kingdom's constant breaking of the covenant that's given to Adam, then Noah, then Abraham, and finally written down by means of Moses, they were taken captive by the King of Assyria around 22 B.C.

He cautioned them! This the second at the Jordan Water where He said "Be careful! If you don't obey me personally, I am going to allow you to be tossed into all the nations". This is beginning moment in which they realize the significance of the Sabbath Day.

Then the House of Judah additionally played the harlot in 586 B.C. and for 70 years was removed into Babylon and most folks are familiar with that. Nevertheless what happened after 70 years? Most of the "house of judah" actually starts to come back and they refurbished Jerusalem. So divided these people fall when they are allowed to come back, most Judah went back from Babylon but the Northern House of Israel never came back! They were digested into the nations, we were holding taken captive by Assyria and they were forced to all four 4 corners of the then acknowledged world which eventually become all four corners of the earth today. They by no means came back!