Sunday, March 25, 2012

Long-Term Memory Loss

Millions of people around the globe suffer from long term memory loss every year. Each and every year, the number of cases of long term memory loss is increasing. Many scientists claim that this increase is due to an increase in the consumption of stimulants and pharmaceutical drugs. This includes alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes, sleeping pills and others which are linked to long term memory loss.

Another factor is the lifestyle many Americans and people from wealthy countries are starting to embrace. This new lifestyle filled with external stimulants has caused Americans to be at a higher risk than they were A decade ago. A few studies have demostrated that the social and medical environment of the 21st century has contributed to this increase in memory loss cases. However, there are many people who believe pharmaceuticals are not the cause but can actually prevent and treat long term memory loss.

It will always be better to have a plan of prevention rather than wait for it to develop and then try to cure it. This is especially true for long term memory loss. One possible prevention technique is to exercise regularly and eat healthy. When you exercise and stay active, you will improve the health of your heart. Heart health is crucial because a healthy cardiovascular system has the capacity to pump blood more effectively. This will in effect increase the supply of oxygen to your brain. And this results in your brain functioning at an ideal level.

Playing memory games regularly is another popular method of preventing long term memory loss. These memory games can help keep your brain active and functioning at a high level. When the brain is active, all of the neurons are employed regularly, making them more effective in interlinking information. This can significantly increase your memory and your ability to retain and recall information.

Even modern medicine is unable to find a guaranteed cure for long term memory loss. However, a few drugs have been found to boost the rate of regeneration of cognitive abilities. These drugs help create a better chemical environment which allows the brain to function at a more optimal level.

The overall memory of an individual can be directly linked to the condition and health of your brain. Proper care of your brain by exercising, keeping the brain active and taking memory enhancement supplements could really help to battle long term memory loss.