Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Miraculous Story of Dodie Osteen Healed of Cancer

In 1981, 48 years old Dodie Osteen was found to have metastasized cancer of the liver. She and her husband, John, were initially distressed when they heard this; Dodie they were told, had just a few weeks to live. Thankfully, this unique woman of faith made a decision to believe the report of the Lord rather than that of the world. Healed of Cancer is the testimony of the strong stand this woman and her family members took in faith, and of the miraculous healing power of God.

It's True, Dodie Osteen Unquestionably Believes in Being Healed of Cancer Totally And Completely

This unique book, Healed of Cancer, is definitely an incredibly heart-tugging account of hope amid crisis, turmoil, and tragedy. Dodie mixes the theology of healing with the heart of the Heavenly Father toward one of His daughters. She gives glorify to His ability to conquer diseases and His authority over illness. She also shares the revelations God gave her during this period, which includes many practical ways for her to position herself to obtain physical healing and restoration.

Dodie and John acknowledged that God isn't the Author of illness and cancer. God's will for His people conveyed in Scripture is for them to live healthy, prosperous lives. There is not a Scriptural description of God causing an illness as a form of test or penalty. Therefore, the two focused entirely on His desire to heal, and boldy opposed the one who was trying to defeat them. They rebuked the evil with Scripture, exactly as Christ did while in the wilderness, and determined they wouldn't give up!

Fighting the Strong Fight to Be Irreversibly Healed of Cancer As God Desired

Healed of Cancer explains how Dodie and John began this battle first, by using prayer. They commanded cancer to die and spoke over Dodie's body with all the authority provided for all Christians via the death and resurrection of Jesus. From that decisive moment on, they chose to walk in the confidence that she was cured. Even though physical symptoms did persist for a while, they walked in faith that she'd received her healing in Heavenly places.

During the next few months following, they immersed themselves in God's Word. God spoke to them concerning the living power it contains and exactly how it has to be implemented. They started to claim God's Words of assurance during the day. They quoted aloud specific Scriptures regarding healing, and restoration, repeated how God feels about the well being of His children. They declared that His Word would not return void and would preserve her life and restore her to health, and He did.

Healed of Cancer is definitely a dynamic testimony to the amazing strength of God to deliver His people from illness, even cancer. As a result of her experience with cancer, Dodie discovered in a very personal way how her Father feels about her and also just how He feels about healing.

Checking this out may be good for your health and peace of mind