Monday, March 26, 2012

"Our Trip To The Universal Studios - A Vacation From The Ordinary! "

"Our Trip To The Universal Studios - A Vacation From The Ordinary! You Have To See It To Believe It!","to complete and compliment two of our days like never before was a scrumptious dinner at Downtown Disney's Planet Hollywood, one of the many glamorous fine dining destinations in the whole of Orlando!! Not only are the settings just custom-made for couples like us, but also ideal for the entire family where you can do a whole lot of things like having the ultimate adventure amidst spectacular theme-parks, enjoying fun with your kids, rejuvenating yourself, having a romantic dinner and also relaxing by the pool in a beautiful Florida setting! At the Universal Studios, they are famously said to have packed more excitement per square foot than anywhere else on earth! After our visit there, we can safely say every word of it is true, as it is undoubtedly Orlando's most extraordinary vacation destination! We started off our tour to the Studios with the fabulous Citywalk area, where the simulated streets of Hollywood, simulated streets of the San Francisco Amity was a real treat for the eyes! It was here that with the glitz and glamour of the entire Hollywood, along with the street d├ęcor, simulated buildings, costume/apparel stores and above all, the live jazz and rock performances, the movie-making capital of the world seems enchantingly recreated. Terminator 2:3-D and the Back To The Future ride: As an ardent fan of the phenomenal science fiction ""Terminator 2--The Judgment Day"", what could be a better way to start enjoying the shows of the Studios than entering the Terminator 2: 3D show, a unique interactive experience that combines 3-D cinematography, digital graphics, and live-action stunts? Simulating a battle to prevent mankind's extinction at the cold, steel hands of futuristic cyborgs, the ""Terminator adventure"", as it was called, was replete with live-action stunts, special effects, and amazing 3-D film--all coming together and saying ""Hasta la vista, baby"" to entertain you as well as to baffle you! For anyone who would be interested: The motorcycle in the attraction is a custom-built Harley Davidson ""Fat Boy""! In the same line of entertainment punched with the marvels of science fiction was the ""Back to the Future ride"", a motion simulator ride which was combined with a seven-story-high Omnimax film screen to totally engulf and involve you within its setting! To heighten your feeling of involvement, there's also this liquid nitrogen fog that literally surrounds each car, giving the feeling of traveling through space. The experience we had in the boat was just unforgettable, what with a giant fin slicing through the waves every unpredictable moment. Remembering the pre-historic dinosaurs who have been brought back to co-exist with man for the first time anywhere, we were simply amazed to experience an unforgettable river raft ride, and see dinosaurs in their natural habitats! But, more about that later, in another travelogue that will feature the ""Islands of Adventure"" exclusively! Twister. Ride It out®, based on the blockbuster of the 1990's. The rest are just there on vacation! Shrek-4D show: Well, and now with our platter full with horror rides and shows, alien attack rides, the sci-fi shows and adventure stunts, it was time we explored some romance, some fantasy and total fun before we stepped out of the amazing Studios! To compliment our desire of romance and adventure, what would have been a better idea than experiencing the spectacular Shrek-4D show where we could join the extremely beautiful Princess Fiona, the extremely sweetheart Ogre Shrek on an all new honeymoon adventure? Based on the smash hit Oscar award-winning animation flick ""Shrek"", this one is again a motion stimulation ride, featuring an original 3-D film, plus an extra dimension of special effects through the miracle of OgreVision, where you can really see, hear and actually feel the action right from your seat! As the fairy-tale romance of Shrek and Fiona reminds us, there's an enduring appetite among people for stories about beauties and beasts. Brimming with enjoyment for an hour or so, we were made party to the lovely Princess Fiona, the awesome ogre Shrek and their loveable donkey in their newest honeymoon adventures, picking up right from where the movie ""Shrek"" left off! After our super-crazy day out in the Universal Studios, we were there to explore the marvels of Downtown Disney's Planet Hollywood in the evening. 


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