Monday, March 26, 2012

"Adventure Travel to Kenya - Discover Kenya's Best Kept Secrets"

"Adventure Travel to Kenya - Discover Kenya's Best Kept Secrets"," The capital is Nairobi, and that would be a good place to start. For that you will have to book yourself a luxury adventure vacation, with personal service offering vacation planning from just yourself and your partner. If you can find a tour company that offers this level of personal service, then your vacation can be tailored to suit your own timetable and needs, and not those of the majority, or even in some cases the minority! Nairobi has a lot offer somebody seeking adventure travel to Kenya, and you don't have to travel to unknown places to discover some of Kenya's best kept secrets. You should also check out Masai crafts at the Utamanduni Craft center and visit the giraffes at the Giraffe Center. Why not spend some time in the park and check out the elephants, leopards and cheetahs, and of course the lions. Although most people prefer to go on guided safaris, others prefer fishing and nature walks, or even just to lie by the pool. You must then visit the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, where the big game animals are less under threat from human activity. Calvin Cottar is one of the best guides in the country, and will take you on a game drive in a 4WD or even a more traditional ox cart. Malinda is another part of Kenya you must not miss: situated on the Indian Ocean Malinda offers Hemingway's a luxury hotel that offers the very best personal service. Try a dip in the ocean or simply relax by the pool, contemplating what you have seen The type of luxury you can experience on these trips is unbelievably high, and adventure travel to Kenya is not all safaris and living rough. A good luxury vacation company will offer you all-inclusive deals that will work out cheaper in the long run than trying to keep your initial costs low and pay your own way. Try to get a personal deal, with just the two of you traveling, rather than being part of a large group, and make sure that your travel is commensurate with the luxury you are seeking: a minimum of business class flights, and first class rail and road travel where it is involved. Achieve all that, and there are no reasons why your luxury adventure travel to Kenya should not provide you with the vacation of your dreams, the memories of which will last you a lifetime.