Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Awe-Inspiring Marine Life at the Underwater World Singapore

"The Awe-Inspiring Marine Life at the Underwater World Singapore"," A ticket to the Underwater World includes admission to the Dolphin Lagoon as well.

The Underwater World provides an array of educational, environmental and edutainment-based programs and projects, such as the Ocean Ambassador, Living in the Ocean and Coral Club.

The Dolphin Lagoon is part of the Underwater World attractions, and is home to several Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, commonly known as the pink dolphins.
 The ticket for Underwater World does not include the interaction experience at Dolphin Lagoon, and interested parties must purchase a token for the activity.
 These include Marine Discovery, Dive With The Sharks, Dive With Dugong, Dive With Sharks and Dugong, Meet The Dolphins, Swim With The Dolphins and more.
 The highlight is the Fish Reflexology, Singapore's first spa based on natural treatment done with the use of live fish.
 The other two new additions are an interactive stingray feeding pool and a small marine reef species display.
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