Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tangalooma Marine Life - Top Sea Animals You Can See at Tangalooma

"Tangalooma Marine Life - Top  Sea Animals You Can See at Tangalooma"," It what once a whaling station, the largest land based whaling station in the Southern hemisphere which is quite a feat as it was only open 10 years.
 Find out what are the top 5 marine animals you might see on a trip to Tangalooma.
 Brisbane shores are not the most appealing.
 So what could this barren looking bay offer?

My personal top 5 marine animals you could see at Tangalooma:
Dugongs Inshore bottlenose dolphins (the wild dolphins) Whales in Winter Turtles Pelicans

Moreton Bay is deceptive on its coastal shore, but get out towards the islands Moreton and North Stradbroke Island and you will soon start to see that there is certainly more to this bay than at first meets the eye.
 Immense amounts of white fine sand! They are not little outcrops in the bay, these are sizeable islands with hills and even buildings on the hills.
 For me dugongs would have to be the top marine creatures to be seen in Moreton Bay.
 The dugongs of Moreton Bay, according to the Tangalooma Eco Cruise guide, are unique in the world as they are the only dugongs that have been seen to herd.

There are two other common marine mammals closely associated with Tangalooma.
 A pod of these wild dolphins is famous for their visits to Tangalooma.
 These are wild dolphins so there are no guarantees that the dolphins will come visiting.
 Tangalooma was opened in 1952 as a land based whaling station, and had the dubious honour of being the largest in the southern hemisphere.
 Tangalooma is an obvious choice for whale watching tours.
 From June to October whale watching tours are conducted by the Tangalooma resort.
 The first one I ever spotted in the water was here, and it was an impressive metre long!

Bringing up the rear in is the Australian Pelican.
 If you haven't seen a pelican up close, it is a very unsual animal.



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