Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dolphin Days in Cabo San Lucas

"Dolphin Days in Cabo San Lucas"," There are several options available to you, all of which involve taking advantage of the gorgeous Mexican weather. This activity brings you and the kids up close with Pacific Bottlenose dolphins so you can swim with and learn more about this friendly animal. For 15 minutes, you will get to explore the physical features of the dolphin, touching its slick skin and taking a closer look at its other unique characteristics. You might even get a little kiss from your dolphin or share a ""handshake"" or dance. You can even select a longer and more in-depth activity with the hour-long Swim with the Dolphins. You will only need to use your strength to move around in the water, not to keep you above it. This Dolphin Kids Program will give your child the experience of a lifetime as they get one-on-one time to play with and learn about the dolphins. For those enthusiastic individuals who have ever thought of becoming a dolphin trainer, you can spend a ""day in the life"" of one at the Dolphin Trainer for a Day Program. At the end of the day you will even take on the role of a real trainer as you host an actual program, with the help of the staff of course! At the day's end, you will receive a special diploma and a photo and DVD to remember the day. I would highly recommend incorporating some time with the dolphins into your trip. bajatours. Make my day click here now 

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