Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wild Oak, Olinda

Wild Oak, Olinda, If you venture out for a picturesque 50 minutes drive from the city of Melbourne, Wild Oak, Olinda greets you with a range of sumptuous delicacies. The traditional cuisine offered by the restaurant is modern Australian and an international flavour is also found in the impressive range of French dishes. One of the best features of the restaurant, which draws many visitors, is a superb collection of wine menu, which are mostly locally produced from the Yara valley region. Your palate is always full of variety that keeps you enthralled and you simply cannot choose from the long list put on your table. The staff are friendly, approachable and most importantly well trained who answer every requirement with a sense of apt professionalism. The tables are well laid with white linen and decorative flowers, which creates a meticulous setting. The wholesome selection of menu, which you can engage in to find your desired choice, remains as a privilege. To, provide the perfect start to your lunch you can go for an appetizer like rich pea and ham soup with special Wild Oak bread. An unique Yara valley delicacy called BBQ Porterhouse steak served with garlic roasted potato and garlic butter can be in your preference list. As a part of your lunch dessert, you can be spoilt for choice with rich sticky date pudding served with double thick cream and cheese plate with quince plate and lavosh biscuits. After having a go at it you can savour a delectable range of main course options. If you want to eat more, the list is quite extensive and a crunch at the Pan seared saltwater Barramundi fillet served on warm tomato and basil with olive tapenade and aged Balsemic remains as a marvelous treat. Some of the choices which you can make revolve around Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Other Whites, Riesling, Sparkling, Shiraz and Blends, Sticky, Cabernet and Merlots, Pinot Noir, Other Reds and Rose. The delicacies and the wines will make you come here time and again. . Make my day click below  

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