Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is SleepTracks The Solution To Your Sleeplessness?

Insomnia affects peoples' lives, as you will be aware of if you are a sufferer. Getting too little sleep means the energy you have for your job, as well as for leisure time, is greatly reduced. This engenders a feeling of anxiety in you, which in turn will make sleep difficult, so that eventually you believe you have to resort to medication. But now there is a program called SleepTracks, developed by Yan Muckle, based on technology which he used to remedy his own insomnia issue. In this article we'll take a look at what SleepTracks is and how it could help you to combat insomnia.

SleepTracks utilizes audio technology which is not peculiar to itself, as it has also been employed to deal with depression and to improve focus and concentration. The name it goes by is brainwave entrainment, and if you aren't familiar with it, in this program it simply means sounds and pulses merged in a way to make sleeping easier. It is a soporific option to drugs which will help you sleep well and get up invigorated the next day. The SleepTracks program consists of 3 main audios, with directions regarding their access and playing.

The first of the audio tracks is named the insomnia buster. Generally people are unable to fall asleep because their mind won't be quiet and the insomnia buster aims to fix that. Some individuals may occasionally struggle with this when beset with a bout of anxiety, but it is an ongoing barrier to sleep for insomniacs. Track number 2 is called fall asleep, and its objective is to carry you into slumberland. You may find this track to be of great value in case you are prone to anxiety, as the brainwave technology utilized here can promote deep sleep. A frustrating problem that many people have is awakening over and over during the night, and track three aims to help with this.

If you\'ve not used anything like this before, Yan Muckle provides a fast start guidebook as well as giving advice on what tracks to use depending on different situations. A set of videos making up a course on optimal sleep is offered as an added bonus. These can be played on a laptop, and they aim to inform you about the many aspects of sleeping patterns, and the changes that result in better sleep that you can make. The many facets of aging and worrying are also evaluated. This bonus complements the program's other audios superbly. There's also the option for two further audios on the subjects of power naps and reducing anxiety.

The SleepTracks program is a comprehensive product put together by someone who suffered from insomnia and could solve your sleep problems in the same way.

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