Saturday, May 26, 2012

Online Business Training Videos Guidelines

Avoid the mistakes some management coaches have made with regards to leadership skills video trainings. We're listing these to assist other management development and HR trainers who need to decide on the best business motivational DVD and online trainings for their teams. 

1."Leadership video clips consume an excessive amount of time": One Fortune 500 director of training frankly stated this. If we're below thirty years of age and spent many years watching on-line videos, he is not engaging us. Leadership training videos are designed to be short, often less than 6 minutes in length and an excellent way to reiterate any type of a information in a profoundly visual, emotive way.

2. "Online business training videos lose focus": With any kind of multimedia, you need to concentrate on creating a narrative story line. Similar to what a television station does to create a newscast, a trainer needs to incorporate several bits of multimedia : posts, DVDs, in-person trainer, to create a particular learning tutorial. 

3. "Business training films don't offer lots of info": Really management training video clip programs as well as harassment on-line video courses present a lot of information and usually include leader's instructions mixed with PowerPoint's that coaches can use. Facilitators can also re-use this material to create their own courses saving money and time.

4. "Off-the-shelf corporate training videos are far too generic": In some situations this could be true if you're teaching a skill specific to your business. But, when you're mentoring in leadership skills or so-called "soft skills", off-the-shelf online business training video can help considerably by displaying great management abilities from CEOs and entrepreneurs who have withstood business challenges and competition. Think about videos of Jack Welch as well as Stephen Covey or Marshall Goldsmith. These kinds of motivational business DVDs could even be re-used to jump start new courses or freshen up per-existing trainings.

5. "Leadership skills video training and team building DVDs cost too much money": Comparing the cost of an off the shelf leadership video training to creating videos yourself, you'll find the off the shelf business training videos are a steal. You can make a business case by estimating the time and salaries of the people who would need to plan, shoot and edit videos and also the projects they wouldn't get done. Off the shelf leadership DVDs and videos are also a life-saver when it comes to refreshing existing trainings or creating new trainings. There's so much material to use over and over again. 

6. "Showing personal leadership video lessons means you don't need an in-person trainer": Our customers show their video courses to their teams within their entirety but many opt to have an instructor explain how the videos mesh with their particular business. In fact, video tutorials mixed with in classroom instruction improves retention rates from seeing and listening (50%) to 70-90%, based on a study from the Navy.

7. " You Tube Clips perform just as well": That's true but one specific instructor told us how a commercial launched in the middle of a video she was showing. She said it diminished her authority with the class as well as the reputation of the business who had hired her because they were viewed as too cheap to invest in proper leadership training videos.

8. "The talent within the leadership skills video training course do not dress just like the participants in the coaching session": If you set the proper context as to why the video makes sense for your business, people will watch and learn from it. Think about it. They watch the evening news or listening to speakers who often dress very different from them. If you find a leadership skills video training that shows a good message, benefit from it. 

9. "Leadership coaching DVDs are not essential (Really, leadership teaching is not important)": A professor at a leading college teaching MBA students actually said this. He believed students preferred learning about math and didn't want to learn influencing skills. That's tragic when you think these same students will be stunted in their ability to influence management because they haven't learned the proper soft skills. 

10. "We don't have a second for personal development trainings": Companies are busy producing and competing but workers, especially the Millennials won't stick around if they aren't given career development training. Based on a PricewaterhouseCoopers study, Millennials prefer career development to a bonus by 3:1. 58% say they'll leave a company that won't provide this training.