Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marathon Program Tricks

Have you ever thought to be in the marathon tracks? If you have the zeal, start doing that. Because I am going to give you some important tips on marathon training so that a beginner can even think of that. How do you best train for a marathon? You should be aware of your current situation. Ask yourself, "How far can I currently run?" For anyone who wants some pointers on training to run a half marathon, there are multiple steps to take and techniques that one can use to achieve the goals set out by that person. No matter what your own personal goals are, you can attain them with some hard work and a solid plan. How about marathon in 10 weeks?

You know training for a marathon does take a lot of time, commitment, and determination. The most typical marathon training program out there usually involves at least six days per week of training. This type of program takes up a lot of time and makes it difficult to balance with your daily life, family, social time, etc. However, that many days per week or running is not necessary and only leads to burnout and injury.

It is important to remember that your marathon training program is the most important thing that is going to get you to the starting line and more importantly it is what is going to get you passed the finishing line. So it is important that you treat your marathon training program seriously and with respect. Training for a marathon isn't something you can do whenever you feel like it. That is the whole point of having a marathon training program because it is designed to get you into the right physical shape to complete your first marathon.

If you absent any sessions you will be training unevenly, as each session is different you are going to fall behind in a particular area and that is something you can't afford to happen when you are training for your first marathon. Stick to your marathon training program and don't make compromises. Some people say it's hard to fit it in when they have so many other things going on in their day. That is very understandable, which is why you start organizing your daily routine before you start your marathon training program so that you have prepared ahead of time. You should sit down and work out exactly what time of day you will be able to finish your marathon training program and make sure it doesn't conflict with anything else. That way nothing will come up unexpectedly and you won't be tempted to put your training off until another time.

We are all aware that there are so many marathon training tips and tricks from different categories of marathon. For example the recovery phase. You should always stretch and warm down properly after every run you do to prevent injury and quicken the rate of recovery but another great marathon training tip is to use an ice bath. Ice baths are great to speed up the rate of recovery and prevent injury. Ice baths makes your blood vessels constrict initially and after about 5 to 10 minutes they start to relax. This helps quicken the rate of blood flow which helps your legs get back to normal faster. Marathon training tips like this can make a huge difference in your marathon training. Paula Radclife who set a women's world record swears by ice baths and accredits them to her marathon success.

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